Creating Critters - Spiky Gliding Lizard

Creating Critters - 2020

Spiky Gliding Lizard by Andrew H.

“My animal is called a Spiky Gliding Lizard.  It is a reptile that lives in the tropical rainforest.  It is a carnivore that loves to eat insects and frogs.  It is about six inches long with a seven inch tail.  It has sharp claws on its feet to help it climb up trees and help it kill frogs.  The Spiky Gliding Lizard has smooth scales that can change colors like an octopus to help protect itself from predators.  If camouflage does not work to keep it safe from predators, it also has spikes on its back that help the Spiky Gliding Lizard defend itself.  If it gets cold, it can turn black as night and will sit in a little bit of sunlight to warm back up.  The Spiky Gliding lizard also has a skin-like membrane attached to its front and back legs that it can spread out when jumping from tree to tree so that it can glide downward instead of falling down.  It lives by itself until it is ready for a girlfriend or boyfriend and then they will stay together raising their babies until the babies are five years old.”
“My critter was the Spiky Gliding Lizard.  I chose this critter because the original drawing reminded me of how I used to (and still sometimes do) draw animals and trees.  Since this project was done simultaneously as an assignment for my Painting 2 class, we were told to create our critters from a collage of different textured materials that we would then paint over to match what the critter looks like.  I used tissue paper, sticks, string and leaves for the tree itself and coffee sleeves, pencil shavings and egg carton to create the lizard.  It was then all completely covered in white primer and then painted on to create the critter and its environment.  The bright contrasting colors represent the lizardís ability to change color to blend with its environment.  I'm very happy with how this turned out and I canít wait for my student to see it!” – Zach LaFord