Now Showing at the Faulkner Planetarium

Now Showing in the Faulkner Planetarium

“GranPa & Zoe – Mission: Light” (w/ live sky tour)

A typical day for GranPa and Zoe in the Australian outback is interrupted when GranPa's old nemesis, Bogbog, attempts to block sunlight from reaching Earth.  It's up to GranPa and Zoe to put a stop to Bogbog's diabolical scheme.  Exploring and utilizing different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, the heroes hope to foil Bogbog while delving into the nature of color and light, and save the day.

A live sky tour follows the program, featuring constellations, planets, the moon and other items of interest currently visible in the sky, with tips for finding your way around in the heavens on the next clear night, and stories about the stars.

Show times through May 30th

  • Tuesdays: 7:00 PM
  • Saturdays: 1:30 & 6:00 PM

“Extreme Weather”

Climate change is rapidly affecting our land, oceans, and atmosphere.  Extreme weather, driven by the changing climate, gives rise to powerful hurricanes, torrential downpours, and drought, resulting in natural disasters.  National Geographic brings you face to face with Mother Nature at her most dangerous in this film.  Experience the action as massive chunks of ice shear off a rapidly melting glacier in Alaska.  In the Midwest, cameras roll as storm chasers risk their lives to capture data as deadly tornadoes race toward them.  In drought-ravaged California, filmmakers embed themselves with firefighters trying to contain raging wildfires on the front lines.  The film unveils the surprising links between these three areas, demonstrating how small changes in one area can have major effects elsewhere.

Show times through May 30th

  • Fridays: 7:00 PM

“Mars 1001”

An international crew of astronauts is about to embark on the first interplanetary journey in history, the first manned mission to the surface of Mars.  Reporter Miles O'Brien is reporting live from his Space Headquarters TV Studio in New York while events unfold for the crew on their 1001-day long mission.

We will witness firsthand their brave attempts to put human footprints on Mars and return safely to Earth.  This journey is made possible by the biggest engineering feat ever and loaded with scientific experiments.  The explorers will be extending our knowledge of Mars and will be learning whether or not mankind has a future among the stars.

Experience the thrill of the grandest mission of exploration ever undertaken!

Show times through May 30th

  • Fridays: 8:00 PM

“Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity” (w/ live sky tour)

There's a place from which nothing—not even light—escapes, where time and space literally come to their end.  It's here, inside this fantastic riddle, that black holes exert their sway over the cosmos…and our imaginations.  Zip through other-worldly wormholes, experience the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy, and witness how a giant star's violent death gives birth to a black hole.  Mathematical equations, cutting-edge science, and Einstein's theories provide the most complete picture yet of this mysterious phenomenon.  Can you feel the pull?

After the show, a live show presenter takes you on a tour of the current night sky, including tips for locating the planets, how to find constellations, and ancient myths about the stars.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 2:30 PM

“Sea Lions: Life By a Whisker”

Between a jagged cliff face and a roaring ocean, lives a colony of Australian Sea Lions.  In an environment equally as harsh as it is beautiful, be immersed in a classic coming of age tale guided by one of Australia's most unique, intelligent, and playful animals.  Take an intimate journey inside the colony where a life of great intimacy, tenderness, and clumsiness, must often give way to a life of great sacrifice and bravery.  Dive into the world of a rare Australian Sea Lion pup – and meet the people that are trying to save her species.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 3:30 & 7:00 PM

“Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon”

The second-best selling album of all time, it has spent more time on the Billboard Top 200 than any album before or since, with the classics "Breathe," "Time," "Money," "Us and Them," "Brain Damage," and more.  You've heard it too many times to count—now see it in mind-bending full-dome.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 8:00 PM