Coming Attractions at the Faulkner Planetarium

Coming to the Faulkner Planetarium

“Serengeti: A Journey to the Heart of Africa”

Come explore the African Serengeti in this beautiful giant screen film.  Encounter one of the world's oldest and most vibrant ecosystems, whose story is told through the million-animal, ever-moving migration of the wildebeest.  Here, each creature, from the smallest insect to the largest land mammal, has an important role to play.  What series of events happened to create this incredible ecosystem?   Can we learn its intricacies to save and protect the Serengeti?  Come see how this extraordinary place came to be.

Opening December 27th, 2022

“Deep Sky” (w/ live sky tour)

The starry sky is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes we can see from Earth.  Thousands of stars dotting the sky above our heads provoke that feeling of infinity and at the same time smallness.  Humans have felt this since we first turned our eyes up to the sky.

But what lies beyond?  If we were able to look farther and farther away and to study this black background of the night, what would we see?

Over the past decades large telescopes and observatories in space have spied the black background of the night and have unearthed a fascinating, dynamic and complex universe…Hundreds, thousands of astronomical objects that were hidden from our view have filled our eyes with an explosion of colors, shapes and unimaginable dimensions.

This modern image of our universe deserves to be told and known by the public.  Come with us and discover our own Deep Sky.

A live sky tour follows the program, featuring constellations, planets, the moon and other items of interest currently visible in the sky, with tips for finding your way around in the heavens on the next clear night, and stories about the stars.

Coming in 2023