The Herrett Center for Arts & Science

Educators' Pages

Welcome to the Herrett Center Education Page. We hope it will help you get to know us better. Here you will find resources to help you better understand before your visit what we have to offer, and to assist you in planning your trip to the Center, including:


Educators will find three areas of particular educational value at present:

Reservations are required for all Herrett Center programs. We request that you schedule your visit to avoid conflicts, even if you only intend to browse the galleries.

A calendar is available to view potential open dates for the Center's programs. Please review the calendar before calling to schedule your visit.

Though we make every attempt to keep the scheduling calendar current, open dates are not guaranteed. It is wise to consider alternate dates and times before you call.

Please note: Reservations are not final until you receive written confirmation.

All programs are subject to COVID-19 safety protocols.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. We hope to see you and your students soon at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science.