Creating Critters - Siren Mist

Creating Critters - 2020

Siren Mist by Jentry H.

“My animal is called the Siren Mist.  It is a mammal that lives in the coastal ocean.  It is an omnivore that eats shrimp, small fish, and sea grasses and is as tall as my teacher.  Both the boy and girl Siren Mists have two legs and have white tails like a dolphin with a gray tip.  The girls have some gray on their face but the boys have gray all over their head.   It has blue eyes and three whiskers on each side of its face.  The Siren Mist lives in groups of six or seven and the moms take care of the babies.”
“I chose Jentry's Siren Mists because they are adorable with a wonderful environment created for them!  I have an AA in Fine Art but study insects for work.  Incorporating science and art is one of my favorite things!!  Thank You Kindy and Jentry for letting me participate in this project!” – Tasha Stanzak