Creating Critters - Shimmer

Creating Critters - 2020

Shimmer by Abbie H.

“My animal is called the Shimmer.  It is a bird that lives by itself in the deciduous forest.  It is an herbivore that likes to eat tree leaves and flowers.  It is as small as a pencil with super soft, multi-colored feathers all over its body and its wings.  The Shimmer gets its name because its multi-colored wings are shimmery to communicate to each other when it flashes its wings.  It has two feathery antennae that help detect predators that might want to eat it.  It has eyes that are sky blue and two feet that are as small as a finger nail.  When winter comes, the Shimmer migrates to warmer areas in search of food.”
“I chose the Shimmer because it looked so adorable.  Abbie was very thoughtful in her color and pattern choices.  I am an art professor at CSI.  I teach Painting, Printmaking, Book Arts and Art History.  I also make artwork myself.   I wanted to make a textured surface that looked like a Collagraph plate (a Printmaking process that uses a collaged plate) and then paint it.  After I painted it, I used glitter foam sheets for the wings which was really fun.  Thank you Abbie for doing such an amazing job.  I hope you continue making art and maybe I will see you in one of my classes at CSI.” – Angela Batchelor