Creating Critters - Magical Water Horse

Creating Critters - 2020

Magical Water Horse by Lilly G.

“My animal is called a Magical Water Horse.  It is a mammal that lives in the coastal ocean but when it needs a vacation it will swim to the open ocean.  It is an omnivore that eats donuts, ice cream, and candy that it steals from people on the beach.  Sometimes it will eat healthy things like seaweed, fish, crabs and vicious sea creatures.  It is as big as a fat whale and has bright red, long hair.  It has a rainbow horn on its head and sharp teeth that it uses to eat its prey.  The Magical Water Horse has a blue throat pouch that it will puff out to scare people on the beach so that it can steal their food and to scare predators.  It lives in a large family with a queen Magical Water Horse, lots of boy Magical Water Horses and 3000 tiny babies that are as tiny as a person's pupil.  The babies hide in the queen's hair so predators do not eat them when the queen is not looking.   Sometimes the queen has friends that help watch the babies in seaweed to help keep them protected.  The Magical Water Horse is friends with one mermaid but if the mermaid annoys it, it will give the mermaid a warning and it will make a rattle sound with a rattler attached to its stomach.”
“The Creating Critters project this year was very dear to my heart and I was so happy to participate.  I got to create a rendering of the drawing of one of the kids I got to work with and she gave me an amazing challenge.  So thank you to my little artist Lilly who has a big imagination, that I enjoyed seeing and working with.” – Cheyenne Cereceres