Creating Critters - Colorful Fox Fish

Creating Critters - 2020

Colorful Fox Fish by Nayeli R.

“My animal is called a Colorful Fox Fish.  It is a fish that lives in the coastal ocean.  It is an omnivore that eats sea grasses and shrimp.  It is three and a half feet long with a very long tail fin.  It has colorful scales on its body that are turquoise, pink, silver, and orange.  The Colorful Fox Fish gets its name because of its bright, colorful fish scales and its long fox-like tail.  It has big eyes that help it see its prey and predators better and whiskers that help it find its food.  The Colorful Fox Fish lives in groups of four and migrates in order to find food and when it is ready to have babies.”
“I chose the Colorful Fox Fish because of Nayeli's detail description.  Besides the vibrant colors, I wanted lots of dynamic movement in this artwork.  I am currently auditing art classes at CSI.  This is my second painting class.” – Pauline Chapman