Creating Critters - Caryssa's Jelly Bird

Creating Critters - 2020

Caryssa's Jelly Bird by Caryssa D.

“My animal is called a Caryssa's Jelly Bird.  It is a bird that lives in temperate rainforests.  It is bigger than a small dog and a carnivore that eats insects and small animals.  It has a black body with a pink back, two blue wings, an orange beak and two long, orange legs.  The Caryssa’s Jelly Bird has feathers that help keep it warm but it gets its name from the belly fat it has that also helps to keep it warm.  It lives in a huge group of hundreds of other Caryssa's Jelly Birds and it lays two eggs at a time when it are ready to have babies.  Even though it lives in a big group, the Caryssa's Jelly Bird hunts for its food by itself.  Sometimes it will leave the temperate rainforest and visit the coastal ocean to get some different kinds of animals to eat.”
“I can say as an artist it was a joy to take the idea of Caryssa's Jelly Bird and create a sculpture.  Using Caryssa's idea of this bird, I was able to take colored feathers and beaver, muskrat and skunk fur, along with carving wood for the legs and the beak, to begin to create vision.  As I worked on the sculpture, I feel I could see what she was thinking and it brought me great joy to work on this art project.  Placing the bird in what I imagined as the rainforest surroundings, I saw it come to life.  I hope Caryssa keeps her imagination and continues doing art to show the world and that someday we can meet in person.” – Mike Trabert