Creating Critters - Aluraptor

Creating Critters - 2020

Aluraptor by Alexzaimia G.

“My animal is called the Aluraptor.  It is a reptile that lives in temperate rainforest.  It is an omnivore that eats fish, some land animals, certain birds, some flowers that have seeds, leaves, weeds, and grass.  It is one foot tall and two feet long with scaly armor to protect itself.  It has extra skin attached to its arms and the side of his body as well as on its tail to help it glide when it jumps from trees.  Girl Aluraptors are camouflaged to blend in with their environment but boy Aluraptors are showoffs and can change their colors to either blend in with their environment or to attract the females.  The Aluraptor lives by itself until it is ready to mate.  The female Aluraptor stays with the babies and protects them and the male Aluraptor searches for food to bring back to the female and the babies.  The babies stay with their parents until they are ready to live by themselves three years later.”
“Hello!  My name is Avilyn, and I'm an artist.  I love magic and fantasy styled art so most of my works hold elements of both.  My creative process often starts with a scribble of some sort just to get things started because a blank canvas is like a taunt to me, daring me to think of what I could create.  I'm currently working towards doing commissions online and have almost finished setting up my own website.  I was born and raised in Burley and grew up dancing which I believe influenced the visual movement in my art.  As for my education I just finished my AA for Visual Arts at CSI and received an AAS and TC for Digital Media last fall.” – Avilyn Sandmann