The Herrett Center for Arts & Science

Now Showing in the Faulkner Planetarium

"The Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure"

Follow the adventures of Cy, Annie and Armstrong (Cy's dog), as they embark upon an unexpected journey into space!  Armstrong gets the kids into a little trouble with his antics on a field trip to the science center.  From there the adventure only grows as the three are whisked into space by a wise-cracking spaceship named Halley.  It's off to the Moon for a little exploring, followed by a visit to the Sun.  What wonders will they discover?  Will they make it back to Earth?  This wonderful adventure show is based on a story by award-winning childrenís author Kristyn Crow.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 2:30 PM

"Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure"

Eighty million years ago, the Great Plains lay beneath a shallow sea, populated with terrifying predators and strange wonders.  This National Geographic program, with narration by Liev Schreiber and an original soundtrack by Peter Gabriel, shows how paleontologists use fossil clues to reconstruct how "Dolly," a dolphin-like dolichorhynchops, navigated this perilous underwater world, long before humans walked the earth.

Show times through May 30th

  • Tuesdays: 7:00 PM

"Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth's Climate Engine" (w/ live sky tour)

What makes Earth so conducive to life?  What drives our planet's weather and climate engine?  What connects seemingly independent systems on Earth to create and influence the planetís climate?  Follow the energy trail from the sun to Earth and into the interwoven systems of atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere to discover the broader nature of global climate.  Explore the winds, oceans, and forces of nature that shape Earth, and discover what ruined our sister planet, Venus.

After the program, a live show presenter will show you the stars, constellations, and planets currently visible in the evening and pre-dawn skies, and tell some of the ancient stories about them.

Show times through May 30th

  • Fridays: 7:00 PM

"Pink Floyd: The Wall"

It's the complete, blockbuster double album, rendered in amazing fulldome.  Experience "Run Like Hell," "Comfortably Numb," "Young Lust," "Goodbye Blue Sky," "Another Brick in the Wall," and more in immersive, head-spinning graphics.

Show times through May 30th

  • Fridays: 8:00 PM

"Solar System Odyssey"

Sometime in the futureÖ

A time has come when humans have depleted our home planet's resources.  Multi-billionaire business tycoon Warren Trout, seeking to secure new frontiers for Trout Enterprises, recruits former Space Fleet Command pilot Jack Larsen for a mission to find a suitable extraterrestrial location for human colonization.  Now Jack finds himself searching the solar system, but he isnít alone.  It seems that Troutís daughter, Ashley, has stowed away onboard his spaceship.  Together they embark upon a wild ride through the solar system trying to answer these questions: How are the worlds of the solar system alike?  How are they different?  What features must a world possess for humans to live there?

Will Larson and Ashley find a suitable location?  Will they even survive this mission?  Find out in this action-packed adventure.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 1:30 PM

"Earth, Moon & Sun" (with live sky tour)

Coyote has a razor-sharp wit and thinks he knows a lot about the sky, but as it turns out, heís a little confused.  Coyote, adapted from American Indian oral tradition, gets set straight with his many misconceptions about lunar phases, eclipses and other puzzles of the sky.  What is the nature of the sun and moon?  How do their movements and interactions affect their appearance in the sky?  Find out in this entertaining and informative family program.

After the show, a live show presented takes you on a tour of the current night sky, including tips for locating the planets, how to find constellations, and ancient myths about the stars.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 3:30 PM

"Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West"

Meticulously researched, this National Geographic large format film uses actors to recreate the Corps of Discovery Expeditionís mission to open up the West soon after the Louisiana Purchase.  Watch in awe as the movie transports you back in time to observe Merriweather Lewis and William Clark leading the expedition across the west in an effort to learn more about the land, map the new territory, find an all water passage to the Pacific Ocean and establish an American presence in this territory before Britain or other European powers tried to claim it.  Narrated by Jeff Bridges, the Corps of Discovery mission comes to life on the planetariumís 50 foot dome.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 4:30 PM

"Edge of Darkness" (w/ Pluto update)

In the spaces between—and beyond—the Solar System's largest bodies (the sun and planets) lie mysterious worlds, long hidden from our sight.   Now, a new generation of robotic explorers is reaching out to Pluto, the largest asteroid Ceres, and the bizarre "rubber duck" comet Churyumov- Gerasimenko to reveal the secrets they hold to the Solar System's birth.  Hitch a ride across the interplanetary void with the Dawn, Rosetta, and New Horizons missions on their daring quest to push back the Edge of Darkness.

The presentation concludes with a live update of some of the latest images and discoveries from New Horizons' Pluto encounter.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 7:00 PM

"Flight of the Butterflies"

The iconic monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature.  Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent, with pinpoint navigational accuracy, to a secluded place it has never been.  Follow the monarchs' perilous and extraordinary journey and join hundreds of millions of real butterflies in the remote mountain peaks of Mexico.  For the first time ever, look inside a chrysalis, thanks to advanced MRI and micro CT scans.  Be captivated by the true and compelling story of an intrepid scientist's 40-year search to find their secret hideaway, with the help of citizen scientists across North America.

Show times through May 30th

  • Saturdays: 8:00 PM