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Now Showing in the Faulkner Planetarium

"Led Zeppelin"

"Led Zeppelin"

The Songs Remain the Same.
But the Visuals Will Blow Your Mind.

Take a psychedelic, 3-D/motion odyssey through Led Zeppelin's catalog of rock classics, including "D'yer Mak'er," "Immigrant Song," "Black Dog," "Kashmir," "Ramble On," "Over the Hills and Far Away," "Whole Lotta Love," and more.  This fulldome audio-visual extravaganza from Salt Lake City's Clark Planetarium is like nothing you've ever seen—check it out!

Show times through March 4th

  • Fridays: 8:00 PM

"Titans of the Ice Age"

Titans of the Ice Age will transport you to the beautiful and otherworldly frozen landscapes of North America, Europe, and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization.  Dazzling computer-generated imagery brings this mysterious era to life–from saber-toothed cats and giant sloths to the iconic mammoths, giants both feared and hunted by prehistoric humans.  The harsh and beautiful kingdom of these titans lives again on the dome: an ancient world of ice, the dawn of our ancestors, a time when humans fought for survival alongside majestic woolly beasts.

Show times through March 4th

  • Saturdays: 3:30 PM

"Dinosaurs at Dusk"

Take a fantasy trip back to the Mesozoic era to share the skies with pterosaurs and other flying reptiles, and explore the origins of flight, as well as what brought the dinosaurs' long reign to a cataclysmic end.  (From Mirage3D.)

Show times through March 4th

  • Saturdays: 7:00 PM

"Mars 1001"

An international crew of astronauts is about to embark on the first interplanetary journey in history, the first manned mission to the surface of Mars.  Reporter Miles O'Brien is reporting live from his Space Headquarters TV Studio in New York while events unfold for the crew on their 1001-day long mission.

We will witness firsthand their brave attempts to put human footprints on Mars and return safely to Earth.  This journey is made possible by the biggest engineering feat ever and loaded with scientific experiments.  The explorers will be extending our knowledge of Mars and will be learning whether or not mankind has a future among the stars.

Experience the thrill of the grandest mission of exploration ever undertaken!

Show times through through March 4th

  • Tuesdays: 7:00 PM
  • Saturdays: 2:30, 4:30, & 8:00 PM

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" (w/ live sky tour)

Winter is cold, dark time, a time of rest.  This modern-day folk tale follows a family of storytellers who come to a village to tell tales on the longest of nights.  They tell tales of old, of mirth and of laughter; tales of the moon and stars; tales of beasts, and heroes brave.  The young girl and her grandparents rely on the generosity of others, but alas, these villagers have little to share.  Setting out on a simple quest, the young girl comes across a mysterious, but knowledgable, old woman.  Why must winter be so cold and dark?  “Only if the fire is rekindled will the springtime come again” the old woman tells her.  The program explores the concept that winter is a time for Earth to rest, in preparation for the new growth of spring.

After the show, a live show presenter takes you on a tour of the current night sky, including tips for locating the planets, how to find constellations, and ancient myths about the stars.

Show times through March 4th

  • Fridays: 7:00 PM

"Legends of the Night Sky: Orion"

An imaginative look at the stories and legends about Orion, the great hunter of the winter sky.

A tour of the current night sky will follow the movie and will concentrate on how to locate Orion and his companion constellations in the winter sky as well as the current positions of the visible planets and other objects of interest for casual observers.

Show times through March 4th

  • Saturdays: 1:30 PM