Centennial Observatory 2018 Astronomy Talks

The Centennial Observatory
2018 Astronomy Talk Schedule

Adult admission: $2.50, students: $1.50, children 6 and under: free.

Two hours of telescope viewing follow the talk (weather permitting).  Observatory admission: $1.50, or free with paid talk admission.

  • TelescopeFebruary 7th, 6:30 PM
    “Asteroid Shadows by Starlight: Research at the Centennial Observatory” - In a telescope, asteroids appear as tiny specks, so measuring their sizes and shapes requires an indirect method, employed at the Centennial Observatory since 2014.

  • April 25th, 8:15 PM
    “Mars Approaches!” - The ins and outs of close approaches of Mars, including this summer's, when the Red Planet will be nearer than it's been since 2003.