The Herrett Center for Arts & Science

Coming Soon to the Faulkner Planetarium

"Let It Snow!"

"Let It Snow" Itís a holiday treat for the eyes and ears, featuring festive fulldome video images choreographed to classic Christmas music.  Enjoy seasonal tunes by Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Burl Ives, Brenda Lee, and a finale by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Returns Friday, November 28th, 2014

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale"

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" This original fable, using the winter solstice as a backdrop, explores the concept that winter is a time for the earth to rest, waiting for new growth in the spring.  This program weaves together live-action video of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention troopís world-class puppeteers with beautiful and intricate fulldome video animation to create an innovative and imaginative show.

Debuts Friday, November 28th, 2014

"The Star of Bethlehem"

"The Star of Bethlehem" The age-old mystery of the Star of Bethlehem is explored in this Christmas planetarium program.  Travel back in time to the Middle East and delve into the writings of the time, including scripture from the Bible, to search for clues to add to our modern scientific knowledge of the nature of the heavens above to see if there might be some natural explanation for the nature of the star.  Can the star be explained naturally, or is the nature of the star left to the realm of the miraculous?

Note: This program has strong religious content.

Debuts Friday, November 28th, 2014