Creating Critters - Rooshian

Creating Critters - 2020

Rooshian by Zeph C.

“My animal is called a Rooshian.  It is a reptile that lives in the wetlands.  It is a carnivore that eats snakes, fish, birds, and different kinds of mammals.  It is as long as five grown men.  It has dark gray scales with a green tail to help camouflage itself in the murky water in the wetlands.  It has sharp teeth to tear apart its prey.  The Rooshian have two tusks that hang from the bottom of their chin that it uses to find prey that might be hiding in the mud.  If it doesn't finish its food, the Rooshian will bury its food to save for later.  It has webbed feet that allow it to both swim and run fast after its prey.  It likes to live by itself and some have been put into zoos.”
“I chose Rooshian idea by Zeph because it sounds like a great reptile, and I'm into reptiles, haha.  I'm currently a tattoo artist in the Magic Valley and have been doing art and tattoos for 16 years professionally.  I do a lot of photo shopping and digital art and have a bunch of fun putting different things together to make one final piece of art.  Thank you Kindy for giving me the opportunity to take part in this fun and creative experience!” – Chris Standley