Creating Critters - 2020

Creating Critters - 2020

The Creating Critters Project is a collaboration of hard work between the Herrett Center for Arts and Science, a local third grade class, and local artists.  It begins when Miss Kindy, the Herrett Center educator, teaches science lessons to a class of third grade students, covering topics such as habitats, types of vertebrate animals, diets, and adaptations.  The students then go to work creating their own imagined animal using the knowledge they gained and their imaginations.

Students bring their created critters to life by writing a paragraph describing their animal and producing their own artistic rendition of the creature.  Local artists use the students' images and words as inspiration to recreate the critters with a more refined touch, donating their own time and materials to bring the students a piece of artwork for them to keep.

Meet the Critters (click for details)

Armored Dolphwhale

Aaliyah O. Brandon Quigley


Abbie H. Angela Batchelor


Alexzaimia G. Avilyn Sandmann

Spiky Gliding Lizard

Andrew H. Zach LaFord

Big Eared Monkey

Ava S. Dawn Wolz


Bear P. Dave Horalek

Great White Megladon

Braden T. Milica Popovic

Caryssa's Jelly Bird

Caryssa D. Mike Trabert


Darrell F. Kiele Whitney


Easton S. Andrew Paxton

Fidel's Bird

Fidel N. Jim Woods

Gloria's Fish

Gloria B. Joey Heck


Janessa B. Amory "Snags" Wood


Jeffrey F. Sergio Larios

Siren Mist

Jentry H. Tasha Stanzak

Laffy Taffy Bird

Jentry S. Kaylee Buatte

Draco Snake

John Paul H.W. Joshua Martinez

Christopher's Snake (La Serpiente de Christopher)

Jose E. Brett Fiscus

Tuft Eared Cat

Keawe O. Naomi Ashby


Layla E. Russ Hansen

Yellow-Maned Tiger

Leah I. Amanda Peterson

Magical Water Horse

Lilly G. Cheyenne Cereceres


Lindsay C. Mayumi Kiefer

Bear Wolf

Missael G.M. Sherry Estep

Pink Blackbird

Nattalee M. Ash Wheeler

Colorful Fox Fish

Nayeli R. Pauline Chapman

Aloha Bird

Remi M. Pharyl Mesaros


Sallie B. Sean Watson

Rainbow Songbird

Selena A. Rosie Bedwell


Vincent C. Karen Belinne


Xavier G. Clarence Buatte


Zander W. Chris Limas


Zeph C. Chris Standley