Creating Critters - Yellow-Maned Tiger

Creating Critters - 2020

Yellow-Maned Tiger by Leah I.

“My animal is called a Yellow-Maned Tiger.  It is a mammal that lives in the tropical rainforest.  It eats sugar from sugar cane, hamburgers, and birds.  When it is born it is the size of a ruler and then it grows to be as big as a five year old human.  It has a striped coat like a tiger and the girl Yellow-Maned Tigress has a huge, bright yellow mane and the boy Yellow-Maned Tiger does not.  It has very sharp claws and teeth to rip apart their hamburgers and birds.  It can climb trees to hide from and find birds to eat.  It comes out for short periods of time in the day and the night.  Yellow-Maned Tigers live by themselves in dark places until they want a boyfriend or girlfriend.”
“My name is Amanda, and I am a traditional artist who specializes in fantasy and anthropomorphic characters.  I use mixed media including markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and glitter!  I chose to work on the yellow maned tigress because she reminded me of the critters I used to draw in elementary school.  I'm happy I got to participate in this amazing project and see all these awesome critters the kids came up with.  Keep on drawing and creating cool things!” – Amanda Peterson