Creating Critters - Tigervore

Creating Critters - 2020

Tigervore by Sallie B.

“My animal is called a Tigervore.  It is a carnivore that lives in the grasslands and eats rodents, elk, foxes, and humans.  It is as tall as a third grader.  It has sharp claws that help it run fast and take down its prey.  The Tigervore is striped with the girl Tigervores having black, purple, orange, and pink stripes and the boy Tigervores having blue, purple, and black stripes.  Their colors help the Tigervores tell the boys and girls apart.  The Tigervore lives in pairs and they help take care of each other and hunt together.  The Tigervore is very vicious and do not like any other animals.”
“My name is Sean and I grew up drawing animals and anime cartoons.  I picked this artist because I could identify with a practical creature similar to Earth's, and the brutal nature of the creatures' characteristics.  I thought it was really cool that a creature could be cute and majestic, but also brave and vicious.  So I wanted to create an image that blends both mature and innocent art together, while keeping all the smallest details as accurate as possible to the original artist.  It was so much fun and I hope it's fun for Sallie to see my version of her art!” – Sean Watson