Creating Critters - Shank

Creating Critters - 2020

Shank by Darrell F.

“My animal is called the Shank.  It is a mammal that lives in the coastal ocean.  It is a carnivore that likes to eat any small animals it can find.  It is as big as a cat with two turquoise blue flippers that help it swim.  It has orange, red, and yellow fur all over its body with a red beak like mouth.  It lives in pairs and is very nice to its mate.  When a pair has babies, they have five of them at a time!  The Shank takes care of its babies until the babies can take care of themselves.”
“My name is Kiele Whitney and I did ‘The Shank’ by Darrell.  I chose this animal because he described it as having teal flippers and teal is my favorite color!  I also love anything ocean, so this was perfect.  I made several attempts to create this critter by description only, but nothing seemed quite right.  I finally decided to use Darrell's drawing as inspiration and used the description to fill in the blanks.  I feel like the shank is a pretty happy creature.” – Kiele Whitney