Creating Critters - Rainbow Songbird

Creating Critters - 2020

Rainbow Songbird by Selena A.

“My animal is called a Rainbow Songbird.  It is a bird that lives in the tropical rainforest.  It is an omnivore that likes to eat animals and flowers and is bigger than a harpy eagle.  The Rainbow Songbird gets its name from its rainbow feathers all over its body and wings and from the beautiful songs it sings.  It sings the songs to communicate with other Rainbow Songbirds.  It also has short fur on its body, under its feathers that help to keep it warm if it gets cold.  It has long, orange legs and an orange beak.  The Rainbow Songbird lives in pairs.”
“I picked the Rainbow Songbirds because their personalities popped.  I love color and the entire picture was amazing.  I'm a retired preschool teacher and I've had a passion with creativity.  Art and sewing are used in my interpretation of Selena's artwork.  Thank you for this fun and validating experience.” – Rosie Bedwell