Creating Critters - Ogonde

Creating Critters - 2020

Ogonde by Vincent C.

“My animal is called the Ogonde.  It is a fish that lives in the open ocean.  It is a carnivore that eats any kind of turtle found in the ocean and any fish it can catch.  It is as long a bus and lives in groups of 15-20 Ogondes to help keep each other safe and to have a better chance to find food.  Sometimes the Ogonde will work together with its group and they will circle around a group of fish to trap them and eat them all.  It has green, orange, and blue stripes all over its body.  It has less stripes when it is younger and as it gets older it gets more and more stripes on its body as it sheds off old scales.  It also has spikes on its back to protect it from predators like the Great White Megladon.”
“I chose the Ogande Fish because it was so interesting.  I started painting as a young child and then quit to earn a living.  Now I am retired and have time to paint again.  I hope you enjoy the one I painted for you Vincent.” – Karen Belinne