Creating Critters - Laffy Taffy Bird

Creating Critters - 2020

Laffy Taffy Bird by Jentry S.

“My animal is called the Laffy Taffy Bird.  It is a bird that lives in the deciduous forests.  It is a carnivore that eats bugs and dead things.  It is as big as a water bottle.  It has a lot of bright colors on its body like the Laffy Taffy candy.  It is blue on its head with a purple body, pink wings, an orange beak, and black legs.  It does not need to hide from predators because if has rows of sharp teeth in its beak.  The Laffy Taffy Bird lives in groups with each girlfriend and boyfriend pair having their own nest.  There is a queen Laffy Taffy bird that is a little bit bigger than all the other Laffy Taffy Birds and she helps watch over the whole group and helps other Laffy Taffy birds find food if they are having a hard time finding enough food for their babies.”
“My name is Kaylee Buatte and I am a dental assistant.  My job has art in mind but the work is with very small details and more realistic, since it has to do with patient's teeth.  I was an art all through my high school years and enjoyed expressing individual creativity.  I loved the bright colors and the whimsical nature Jentry S. chose for her creature.  I knew right from the beginning I wanted to create a 3D piece that would represent the creature.  I began the process by choosing the necessary materials and just taking to the piece with freethinking creativity and child-like eyes.” – Kaylee Buatte