Creating Critters - Induruptor

Creating Critters - 2020

Induruptor by Easton S.

“My animal is called a Induruptor.  It is a reptile that lives in the Redwood forest.  It is a 20 foot tall carnivore that eats any animals that is smaller than itself.  It has rough scales that can camouflage it in the forest.  It has two feet with three sharp claws and two wings that have three sharp claws at the ends of the wings that it uses to help catch its prey.  The Induruptor will fly up over the trees if it needs a better view to find its prey or to ambush its prey.  It has almond shaped eyes with cat-like pupils that get bigger to see in the dark.  Its eyes change color depending on its mood: green normally, red if it is angry, yellow if it is hungry, and blue if it is sad.  It has sharp teeth and smells with both its nose and tongue.  The Induruptor has spikes on its tail that it uses when it fights other Induruptors.  The tail also has a shark-like fin at the end that helps it maneuver in the water if it decides to go hunt in the water.  It lives by itself until the fourth of July when it tries to find a mate.”
“My name is Andrew Paxton.  I am a Body Modification Artist at Ascension Tattoo, here in Twin Falls.  I chose Easton's Induruptor because it reminded me of a dinosaur and I liked that it lives in the Redwood Forest.  I have been doing art since I can remember but the last couple of years I have really become interested in digital and Photoshop art.  Thank you Kindy for the opportunity to grow my digital art skills and to be a part of a fun project!” – Andrew Paxton