Creating Critters - Great White Megladon

Creating Critters - 2020

Great White Megladon by Braden T.

“My animal is called the Great White Megladon.  It is a fish that lives in the open ocean.  It is a carnivore that eats sharks and groups of fish.  It is 65 feet long and it is gray and blue.  It has fins that help it swim as fast as 50 miles an hour!  It has very big, sharp teeth that can cut anything.  It slaps animals with its big, flat tail so that it can eat them.  It lives and hunts all by itself.”
“My name is Milica Popovic.  I chose Braden's drawing of the Great White Megladon because of its simplicity and a beautiful linear work.  I liked the white vast space of the ocean in this drawing, and it instantly reminded me of my abstract mark-making drawings.  My preliminary idea was to make a completely abstract drawing inspired greatly by the chosen piece.  However I ended up making a (sur)realistic one with prismacolor pencil on a dark gray piece of paper, upon reading a scientific description of this mysterious sea creature.” – Milica Popovic