Creating Critters - Gloria's Fish

Creating Critters - 2020

Gloria's Fish by Gloria B.

“My animal is called the Gloria's Fish.  It is a fish that lives in lakes.  It is a carnivore that likes to eat insects that land on the water of the lake.  It is as big as a ruler with gray scales all over its body and a yellow tail.  It has silver eyes and a black nose.  The Gloria's Fish like to live in groups to protect each other from bigger fish that might eat them.”
“My name is Joey Heck and I am the exhibits and collections manager at the Herrett Center for Arts & Science.  I chose Gloria's fish as my project for couple of reasons.  First of all, I love fishing, and have always enjoyed the mystery and anticipation of seeing what type of creature might be on the end of my line.  Wouldn't it be cool to catch a fish like this?  And second of all, I loved the simple shapes Gloria used in creating her drawing.  As adult artists, we can sometimes get bogged down in complex drawing, trying to create something ultra realistic.  Gloria's beautiful drawing saved me the hassle.  That's where my creative process began.  Why can't a fish look like a child's drawing?  It can.  Kids have a knack for capturing the essence of animals when they draw, and I wanted to stay true to that feeling.  I feel like my job in this collaboration is just filling in the details - the creative credit goes to Gloria.  So thank you, Gloria, for inspiring me, and I hope you enjoy the artwork.” – Joey Heck