Creating Critters - Fidel's Bird

Creating Critters - 2020

Fidel's Bird by Fidel N.

“My animal is called a Fidel's Bird.  It is a bird that lives in the grasslands.  It is an herbivore that likes to eat the nectar of flowers with their long beak that is like a humming bird's beak.  It is about 20 inches tall and the boys are completely green everywhere on their body with a blue tail.  The girls are completely pink all over their body.  The Fidel's Bird will lay three green eggs when they are ready for babies and the boy and girl both take care of the babies together.  It lives in groups of about 13 Fidel's Birds and migrates when it gets cold to find more flowers for their nectar.”
“My name is Jim Woods.  I was the Director of the Herrett Center from 1975 to 2010.  I was then Professor of Anthropology from 2010 to 2018.  Through all those years, my first interest has been art.  I have a degree in sculpture and ceramics, and am now retired and work in my personal pottery studio in Twin Falls.
It has been my honor to interpret the bird created by Fidel N. in the Creating Critters Project.  I decided to use Fidel's description and interpret it as closely as possible without using much artistic license.  His drawing included a male and a female Fidels Bird and a nest with eggs.  He also illustrated the plants and trees used by this bird.  His drawing is fantastic.  It is full of good technical detail illustrated with a refreshing level of creativity.
I made a three-dimensional, sculptural art piece for my contribution to this project.  I used low-temperature oil-based clay so I could match, as closely as possible, the bright and exciting colors Fidel used in his drawing.” – Jim Woods