Creating Critters - Deervore

Creating Critters - 2020

Deervore by Janessa B.

“My animal is called a Deervore.  It is a nocturnal mammal that lives in deciduous forests.  It is an herbivore that eats grass.  It is a little bit bigger than a ruler with long legs with black hooves and big ears.  The girls are purple and brown and the boys are blue and brown so that they can tell the boys and girls apart.  Boy and girl Deervores both have a fluffy fur patch on their back and horns on their head.  The Deervore live in groups and hibernate together in the winter.  When they hibernate they cuddle together and use each other's fluffy fur patches as pillows.”
“Hello, I'm Amory Wood, a freelance Concept Illustrator from southern California.  I have worked on a number of small games making maps, backgrounds, and characters, and have worked freelance for approximately 13 years.  I chose the Deervore creature to draw because I love drawing characters with horns and antlers.  I did research on similar creatures, drew up thumbnails, made a sketch, and then painted digitally over the sketch in Photoshop.  Thank you for the opportunity to have worked alongside you!” – Amory Wood