Creating Critters - Christopher's Snake (La Serpiente de Christopher)

Creating Critters - 2020

Christopher's Snake (La Serpiente de Christopher) by Jose E.

“Mi animal se llama la serpiente de Christopher.  Es un reptil que vive en la selva templada.  Es un omnívoro al que le gusta comer lagartijas y flores.  Es una serpiente venenosa que es tan larga como un perro grande.  La serpiente de Christopher tiene escamas de colores brillantes con los niños de color amarillo y las niñas de color rosa.   Es nocturno y vive en el suelo, pero a veces trepa a los árboles para cazar lagartijas.  La serpiente de Christopher vive en pequeños grupos familiares para que puedan defender a sus crías.”

“My animal is called a Christopher's Snake.  It is a reptile that lives in the temperate rainforest.  It is an omnivore that likes to eat lizards and flowers.  It is a venomous snake that is as long as a large dog.  The Christopher's Snake has brightly colored scales with the boys being yellow in color and the girls being pink in color.  It is nocturnal and lives on the ground but will sometimes climb up into trees to hunt lizards.  The Christopher's Snake lives in small family groups so that they can defend their young.”
“My name is Brett Fiscus, I am a tattoo artist from Twin Falls.  I was inspired by Norman Rockwell at a young age and was intrigued by the realistic aspects in his paintings which inspired me to learn to draw/paint realistic images/portraits.” – Brett Fiscus