Creating Critters - Choofeadi

Creating Critters - 2020

Choofeadi by Layla E.

“My animal is called a Choofeadi.  It is a mammal lives in deciduous forests.  It is a carnivore that eats bears, deer, cows and eggs.  It is as tall as a large file cabinet with long legs that help it run fast.  The Choofeadi has blue fur with black spots.  It has big eyes that help it see at night and has big ears and a long tail.  The Choofeadi lives in groups and has five babies at a time.”
“My name is Russ Hansen and I have lived in the area since the '80s.  I work in Human Resources and I also tattoo, paint, draw, and am generally crafty.  I have no formal art training.  However, I do like art and do most of my work in pencil or black and white pen.
I thought the description said it all an animal that can hunt and eat a bear and still pick up eggs.  That's my kind of predator.   Also the ‘tall as a filing cabinet’ was a good descriptor.
I started with the concept Layla provided.  Then I did some research.  Turns out there are only a few animals that will hunt bear.  I combined the strengths of those animals and gave them a dash of flair.  All the whole sticking with the description provided.  Boar, hippo, rhino, and bison round out the creature.  It also revived a bit of gator jaw and the opposable thumbs that make it truly frightening.  I also found that the name she provided had a meaning which I attached to a secondary paper with a little write up Just for Layla and for fun.  Also, to keep in the spirit of fun there are ‘Easter egg’ creatures hiding in the picture – there are several birds and a small animal or two.  I also hid my signature.  I hope Layla enjoys her drawing.” – Russ Hansen