Creating Critters - Bolt

Creating Critters - 2020

Bolt by Xavier G.

“My animal is called the Bolt.  It is a mammal that lives in the open ocean.  It is a carnivore that eats fish and lobsters.  It is as big as a house and lives in small groups of two or three Bolts.  It has orange and brown skin with seven tentacles that it uses to catch its prey.  It has two big, huge eyes that help it see almost everything in the ocean.  It have lots of sharp teeth that it use to eat its prey and that it use when it fight.  The boy Bolts have scars all over their bodies because they fight each other to take over groups.”
“I'm Clarence Q. Buatte and I'm a tattoo artist of 19 years and I live in Twin Falls.  My project was the Bolt.  I had an idea of Xavier's critter but when drawing it up I thought I better read the description really carefully.  I had drawn four tentacles but then I realized it had seven!  Then I had to draw three more and it was a really difficult at times.  I was scared I wasn't going to finish the project but I did.  I hope Xavier likes it.  It was fun and I loved the challenge.” – Clarence Buatte