Creating Critters - Big Eared Monkey

Creating Critters - 2020

Big Eared Monkey by Ava S.

“My animal is called the Big Eared Monkey.  It is a mammal that lives in the tropical rainforest.  It is an omnivore that eats insects and plants like tree leaves.  It is as big as a third grader and brown all over with a light brown tummy.  It has long arms with hands that have a good grip.  It has big, tan ears and medium, brown eyes.  It lives in groups and they spread out in the rainforest.  They use their big ears to be able to hear each other's calls.  They all help take care of the babies in the group and teach the babies how to act.  The girl Big Eared Monkeys gather the leaves for the group to eat and the boy Big Eared Monkeys collect the insects for the group to eat.”
Watch a video by artist Dawn Wolz about her interpretation of Ava's Big Eared Monkey.