Creating Critters - Bear Wolf

Creating Critters - 2020

Bear Wolf by Missael G.M.

“My animal is called a Bear Wolf.  It is a mammal that lives in coniferous forests.  It is a carnivore that likes to eat bears, deer, and other animals.  It gets its name because it loves to eat bears the most.  It is as big as the table I sit at with skinny legs that help it run fast.  The Bear Wolf can have gray, white, or gray and white fur mixed together.  It has a canine body but its snout and teeth are bigger than a regular wolf's.  It lives in groups of about 16 and likes to come out both during the day and at night.  he Bear Wolf likes to hunt together at night by sneaking up on sleeping animals.”
“I love art and creating anything is FUN.  I have played with clay, carved soap, made doll clothes, made my own clothes, crochet, macramé, bead weaving, made beaded jewelry.  I have made greeting cards with colored pencils, and water colors.  Recently I've learned book binding, wool felting and now landscape art quilting.  Three dimensional projects are most fun for me so that's why I picked the Wolf Bear.  I liked the artwork and having two critters in it.  I love the colors in the picture.  I had ordered some colorful wool and thought I'd play with wool for the background after I made the Wolf and the Bear.   I used a needle with barbs on it to poke the wool into itself so that it would stick together.  There is a sheet of wool felt behind all the colors.  Then I glued the wool felt into the cardboard of the picture frame.  I love thinking about the young artist when I create!” – Sherry Estep