Creating Critters - Armored Dolphwhale

Creating Critters - 2020

Armored Dolphwhale by Aaliyah O.

“My animal is called the Armored Dolphwhale.  It is a mammal that lives in the coastal ocean.  It is an omnivore that eats sea grasses and fish.  It is as big as a large dog with flippers and a dolphin-like tail to help it swim.  The Armored Dolphwhale is blue all over its body and has armor skin to protect itself from predators.  It has small brown eyes to help it see when it swims during the day.  It has a blow hole like dolphins and whales so that it can breathe.  It likes to live by itself in warm coastal waters so it can find food easily.”
“I've been a tattooer for 11 years and I currently work out of Ascension Tattoo in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Growing up in this area with a background in art and a life surrounded by art, I am always happy to help out with this project.  This is my 2nd year helping out with Creating Critters and my goal is to try a different medium every year.  This year I went with a digital image that I could render and finish on an iPad using Procreate.  Using this new style of design I was able to capture off the elements described for the Armored Dolphwhale and make it come to life.” – Brandon Quigley