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The 75 Nearest Stars

The 75 Nearest Stars

In June 1997 the results were released from the HIPPARCOS astrometry satellite. The unprecedented accuracy of this satellite is revolutionizing our understanding of the universe, including the distances to the nearest stars.

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  • "Norman Herrett's Astronomy Legacy"

    On April 12, 1997, National Astronomy Day, Faulkner Planetarium Production Specialist Chris Anderson presented a lecture on the impact of Norman Herrett on astronomy in Southern Idaho.

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  • Norman Herrett's Astronomy Legacy

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    The Herrett Center for Arts and Science, College of Southern Idaho, is primarily an educational institution with program emphasis on elementary and secondary school students.  The Center's collections policy states:  "The Herrett Center is dedicated to the preservation, interpretation, acquisition, and exhibition of information and materials derived from or relevant to pre-historic indigenous/native cultures of the New and Old World."  The primary area of interest of the founders, Norman and Lillie Herrett, was the New World, with emphasis on Pre-columbian cultures: Mexico (Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit, Yucatan, Veracruz); Central America (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama); and South America (Peru, Columbia).  The collection from North America consists of objects from Alaska, the Northwest Coast, the Great Basin, and the Southwestern and Southeastern U.S.  The Center recently expanded the scope of the collections to include the Old World.

    The collections are available for research by scholars and students engaged in formal research projects through written application to the Collections Manager.  Collection access may be permitted at the Center or, in approved instances, by loan to the scholar's home institution.

    Images and descriptions of selected artifacts are available online.

    Queries about research on the collections should be sent 6-8 weeks ahead of time and addressed to:
    Phyllis Oppenheim, Collections Manager
    Herrett Center for Arts and Science
    College of Southern Idaho
    P.O. Box 1238
    Twin Falls, ID  83303-1238
    Tel: (208) 732-6660
    Fax: (208) 736-4712

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